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grapesA Universal Recipe Using Store-Bought 100% Grape Juice (Semi-Dry or Somewhat Sweet)

1 Gal. Grape Juice (Red or White)
3-1/2 Lbs. Cane Sugar
1 Gal. Water
1 Pkt. Wine Yeast (In a pinch, Bakers yeast will work)

This recipe yields ten bottles (fifths) of wine like Grandma used to make for a staggering fifty cents a bottle. No pun intended.

Boil water and sugar. When cool, mix in a food grade plastic bucket with juice and yeast. Cover with a trash bag secured with a rubber band to exclude air and contaminants. When the bubbles cease, siphon, or gently pour into another bucket, leaving gunk (lees) behind. In about a week, most solids will have settled out and your wine can be bottled in glass bottles or even screw-top soft drink containers.

It's better to use wine yeast because Bakers yeast doesn't settle out well and if you shake the bottle, the wine will get cloudy. If this happens, just drink it with the lights out and no one will ever know.

This recipe, was designed for the complete novice and for those who just want to give wine making a try without having to go out and purchase a lot of paraphernalia to get started. Of course, if you just happen to own a fermentation lock and other materials, use them.