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Chapter One–The Naked Truth!

The Basic Concepts of Making Alcoholic Beverages
Facts and Fables for Success and Safety (or the good old days weren’t so good)
Dynamite Whiskey
The Good, The Bad and the Deadly in Equipment and Materials
Sterility, Hell, Holy Water and the Hobo’s Friend
Universal Truths and Dark Secrets About Yeast and Fermenting

Chapter Two–Wine for the King, Wine for the Masses

Wine – From Apple to Zucchini
The Bottling Process
Secrets to Long-term Success
Wines – Doin’ It (basic wine making steps, recipes and instructions)
Some Simple Wines
Sugar Wine
Mint Wine
Simple Dandelion Wine
Unorthodox and Stunningly Simple Wine Making
Universal Recipe Made With Store-Bought 100% Fruit Juice
Wine From the Vine, Fruit Trees and Berries
Basic Grape Wine Recipe (1 Gallon)
Second Wine Recipe (grape)
The Shape of the Grape
A Fresh Grape-Raisin Wine
Easy Grape Wine
Fruits and Berries
Cane Fruits – Blackberry, Raspberry, Salmonberry and all their Seedy Cousins
such as Mulberries and Dewberries and More
Salmonberry Wine
Elderberry Wine
Blueberry Wine
Gooseberry Wine
Sweet Strawberry Wine
Dry Strawberry Wine
Fruit Wines
Mango Wine
Orange Wine
Apple Wine
Stone Fruit Wines
Peach, Plum, Prune and Apricot Wine
Cherry Wine
Alaskan Currant or Cranberry Wine
Currant Wine
Apple Sherry
“Beary” Berries
Feast and Famine Fermentation Method
Cider (Apples) and Perry (Pears)
Old Time Cider From Apples
Old Time Cider Recipe
Hard Cider
Great Cider
Vegetable Wines
Tomato Wine (red or green)
Corn Wine
Watermelon Wine (any type of melon is fine)
Rhubarb Wine
Root Wines
Basic Potato Wine
Naturally Improved Potato Wine (by starving the yeast and using malt
enzymes to convert starches)
Simple Malting to Augment Wine
Parsnip Wine
Carrot Wine (Carrot Whiskey)
Beet Wine (red beets)
Sugar Beet Wine
Mangel Wine
Sweet Potato Wine
Grain Wines
Wheat Wine
Rice Wine
Barley Wine (Pearled Barley)
Cheating for Better Grain Wines
Blossom Wines
Simplest Flower Wine –Dandelion
More Full-Bodied Blossom Wines
Alaskan Fireweed Blossom Wine
Honey Wines (Mead)
Simplest Honey Wine
Flower and Honey Wine (sweet)
Honey and Fruit Wine (medium dry)
Honey and Fruit Juice Wine (Sweet)
Other Wines
Rose Hips Wine
Pea Pod Wine
Kvass (Bread Wine)
Birch Sap Wine (one of my favorites)
Birch Sap Wine
Applejack Recipe
Milk Wine (ALA Alaskan Engel Wine and Father Emmett Engel, the
wine making priest)
Koumiss - Kefir Recipe #1 (the easy way)
Milk Wine Recipe #2 (the more traditional way)
Yogurt First (Miss Muffet’s favorite)
Pruno – Jailhouse Wine
Pruno Recipe
Corn Squeezins
Modern Corn Squeezins

Chapter Three–From Prohibition-Style Homebrew to Gourmet Beers

Beer - From Alaskan Bush Beer to Gourmet Beers
Beer Making Steps
III.Racking and Fining
IV.Bottling and Priming
Making Beer With Malt Extracts
Prohibition Style Beer “Sneaky Pete” (a.k.a. Alaska Bush Beer)
Bush Beer
Al Capone Beer (Pilsner?)
Al Capone Speakeasy Beer
Steam Beer – All Grain
Steam Beer
Any Beer (Using Malt Extract Syrup)
Not Just Any Beer (Aromatic Hopping All-Malt Beer)
Light Beer and Dark Beer– What’s the Difference?
Pale Lager Pilsner
Oatmeal Stout
Pilsner Style with Rice
Steam Beer
Barley Wine
Barley Wine Recipe
Smoked Beer (The Easy Way)
Smoked Stout
Wheat Beer
Wheat Beer Tips:
Basic Wheat Beer Recipe
Making Beer From Malted Grain
Lager - Basic Recipe
STEP 1. Gristing
STEP 2. & 3. Cheating on Malt Grain Beers
STEP 4. Boiling and Hopping
STEP 5. Cooling/Pitching the Yeast
STEP 6. Fermentation and Clarification
STEP 7. Priming and Bottling
Other Beers
Chicha – Corn Beer
Chicha #1 (Corn Beer)
Corn Beer #2


Fruit Beers
Hot Pepper Beers

Chapter Four–Homemade “Poreboy” Equipment

“Pore Boy” Equipment (Making Your Own)
Fermentation Vessels
Fermentation Locks
Pore Boy Homemade Bottle Capper
Making Your Own “Pore Boy” Capper
Unassembled Rapper Capper
Pore Boy Capper Head Parts and Assembly
“Poreboy” Scales
Holes to be Drilled for “Pore boy” Capper Parts
Homemade “Pore Boy” Scales
Bottle Cleaning
Grain and Hops Bags
Making Your Own Malt
Malt Roasting Temperatures
Other Tricks
The Iodine Test
Malting Wheat
Malting Tips
Making Your Own Malt Factory Out of an Old Refrigerator
Malting Your Own Sample Worksheet
Malt Factory
Sinkers and Floaters Test
Keggin’ it (A Cheap and Easy Way to Naturally Carbonated Draft Beer)
The Hydrometer
U.S. Proof Spirit and Hydrometer Measurement
Use of the Hydrometer
Hydrometer Tips
Specific Gravity Temperature Table
Specific Gravity to Potential Alcohol Table

Chapter Five–Whiskey Makin’

Basics of Mashing for Distillation (And Dangers!)
Thin Mash Whiskey (Moonshine)
Thin Mash Whiskey
Bathtub Gin
Bathtub Gin #1
Bathtub Gin #2
Rum “White Lightening” 40 Rod
Corn Whiskey (Corn Likker, Moonshine, Splo, White Lightening, Tanglefoot,
Mountain Dew, Loudmouth, and a lot of other names)
Real Corn Whiskey #1 – With or Without Horse Turds
Real Corn Whiskey #2
Preachers Whiskey (Also Free Whiskey or Sneaky Pete)
Distilling Theory (or Mother Nature is a Moonshiner)
Types of Stills and How They Work
The Retort Still
Retort Still–Operation
Traditional Pot Still
Traditional Pot Still–Operation
The Modern Pot Still (From a Pressure Cooker)
The Modern Pot Still Components
The Modern Pot Still Assembled
The Reflux Still, or Don’t Lose Your Marbles (Reflux Column Still)
The Compound Still
Evolution of the Pot Still to the Reflux, to the Compound Still
The Two-Dollar Still or Get Crocked on Your Crock Pot
The Two-Dollar Still–Operation
The Disappearing Still or Two Woks and a Pot
The Disappearing Still–Operation
The Desk Drawer Still (No Home or Office Should Be Without One)
The Deskdrawer Still–Components
The Deskdrawer Still–Operation
Properties of Alcohol
Cold Weather Hazards of Alcohol
The Dead Trapper, Soldier, Miner, Bootlegger
Fermentation of Ethyl Alcohol
Basic Mash for Distilling Neutral Spirits
Distillation of Ethyl Alcohol
Cleaning the Still
Safety Factors During Distillation
The Devil, Vodka, Russian Bootlegging and Potatoes
Distilling For Reasons Other Than Whiskey Making

Chapter Six–Flavoring and Making Liqueurs

Flavoring and Making Liqueurs
Simple Syrup for Liqueurs
Homemade Recipes
Crème de Menthe I
Crème de Menthe II
Fresh Mint Liqueur
Bailey’s Irish Cream
Irish Crème I
Irish Crème II
Creme De Cacao
Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua)
Coffee Liqueur
Drambuie I
Drambuie II
Cointreau No. 1
Cointreau No. 2
Grand Marnier
Rum Shrub
Almond Shrub
Orange Peel Liqueur
Whole Orange Liqueur
Tangerine Liqueur
Tangerine Liqueur (made with peels or the zest)
Peach Liqueur
Peach Brandy (Canned Peaches)
Nectarine Liqueur
Apricot Liqueur
Apple Brandy
Apple Liqueur
Cranberry or Alaskan Watermelon Berry Liqueur
Plum Liqueur
Rhubarb Liqueur
Elderberry Liqueur
Raspberry Liqueur
Pineapple Liqueur
Blackberry or Other Cordial
Spiced Rum
Egg Nog
Noirot® Liqueur Extracts
Kirsch – Unsweetened, clear cherry drink. Also used a lot in cooking
Recipes for the Use of Flavors in the Preparation of Cordials and liqueurs
Anisette, Apricot, Blackberry, Creme de Cacao, etc.
Noirot® Flavor Per label instructions
Recipe Spirits (Brandy, Rum, Gin, Rye, etc.)
Any Cordial or Liqueur
Any Grain Alcohol (Using Noirot® Flavors)
Appendix A Tables
Appendix B Hops
Appendix C Tips
Appendix D Water
Appendix E Supply Sources
Appendix F Brewing Log

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