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Home Distillation of Alcohol (New Zealand website) by Tony Ackland. In New Zealand, home distilling is legal and a national hobby for many. This website contains a wealth of practical home distilling information.

Wine Guide: Your one-stop destination for anything you can think about wine.
This wine directory designed to help its users find the wine information, source, companies, products and services.
Wine Directory:

Purdue University has a good page on Alcohol distillation: Basic principles, Equipment, performance, relationships, and safety:

Lots of interesting information and opinions on distilling and the legalities of it:

Urban Legends Reference Pages

If you enjoy challenging computer games, check this one out. Cosmic Pool is a unique new twist on standard pool that takes place in three-dimensional space. There is no table or gravity: the balls are suspended in space inside of a game cube. The object of the game is to knock all of your balls out of play with the cue ball, just like in regular pool, the difference being that the balls must be shot through the hoops in the sides of the cube rather than into pockets on a pool table. The game is a bargain at only $10.00. There is also a free Cosmic Pool screensaver available for download.

Check out Mile Hi Distilling Co. for an amazing selection of stills, ingredients, distiller's yeast, whiskey flavorings, books and other good stuff!

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