Beer-Wine-Liqueurs-Moonshine Whiskey

How to make beer-wine-liqueurs-moonshine whiskey. The author dusts off over 30 years of experience to tell you how it's done.

He not only tells how to make darned near any kind of beers, wines, liqueurs and whiskies you can imagine, he also tells you how to make the equipment to do it with.

Ever wondered how moonshine stills are made? There are 8 types of stills illustrated in this book and though it's illegal to build or possess an un-permitted still (see "The Law" on this site for exceptions) the illustrations are so complete, you could easily do it! This book includes still plans and operating instructions from underground moonshiner manuals used in Mid East oil fields. Some are built with components found in most home kitchens. From moonshine stills, beer, wine and liqueur recipes, to make your own cappers, kegs, scales and even a malt factory from an old freezer, it's all here!

Easy to read and humorous, this book entertains you with Alaskan tales and bootlegger's lore while you learn to make everything from beer and blossom wines, to horse turd whiskey and bathtub gin. If you could buy only one "make your own" book for the rest of your life, this is it. It's like getting a whole shelf of books for the price of one!

 What others are saying:

Thank you for a great quality book and after having read it over the last few days I have decided to make it the first reference source I turn to in my brewing library for recipes and trouble shooting. I began brewing as a hobby 20 years ago and even the lousy recipes I have used have brought family and many friends together often and needless to say, supply could not meet the demand after a while. I quit brewing and found out who my friends are. (Just kidding.) It has been several years since I brewed anything and about a month ago decided that Schmidts beer doesn't cut it anymore. I'm no big drinker as a matter of fact my nick name for a while was "2 Beer Billy." I do enjoy a couple of good brews on occasion and have found the best is available but you got to make it yourself. I found the distillation section interesting reading and very informative. I ran a batch still and a 2 column reflux still to recover solvents (acetone, ethyl alcohol) while employed at a major gunpowder plant and was glad you are responsible to pass on the hazards of distillation to your readers. Overall it is a fine book, best I have found and a couple of brewing buddies of mine may order after seeing my copy.


Bill-January 25, 2001

The book that you sent yesterday was, indeed, in my post office box today. I hope you received my check just as quickly. I took a quick browse through the book before wrapping it up. It is wonderful! While the book is a gift for my husband, I can't wait to try some of the wines and liquers. I have some currants in the freezer that will serve nicely for some of the recipes. Your directions are straight forward and easy to follow.

I liked your fish story at the very beginning of the book ("about the author" page). I was also happy to see the modified keg with the tap. We have one just like it, although our spigot is a different style. The descriptions of the stills are intriguing. The whiskey recipe calling for horse manure caught my eye immediately, and I laughed out loud when I read it. I really enjoy your writing style.

I'm sure my husband (and I) will put your book to good use, and I look forward to reading it. I will be sure to pass along the ordering instructions for your book to those who enjoy the concoctions we brew!

Thanks again,
Peggy- Sterling, Alaska -November 14, 2000

Alaskan Bootleggers Bible Is GA-A-REAT!!

If you have ever thought about homebrewing, or do it now, this is the book for you! Mr. Kania shows his true mastery of the subject. He gives simple, precise instructions on setting up your own home-brewery or winery with lots of simple and rudimentry homemade equipment for the beginner on a budget. This guy is the dang McGuyver of homebrewing and winemaking and he shows you how to be one too!! The book also doesn't just bore you with good information, instructions and drawings. It's full of intresting and comical facts about alcohol through the ages like,"Horse Turd Whiskey" and a jury that was indicted for drinking the evidence in a moonshine trial. The book even has an intresting section on home distillation (illegal in the U.S. but not all countries). J. S. - Calhoun, GA

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