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The Book

Happy Mountain Publications in Wasilla, Alaska, offers an easy-to-read, humorous book about home brewing. The author dusts off years of experience to bring forth a light narrative about making moonshine stills, wine, beer, whiskey, and almost any kind of alcoholic beverage imaginable.

How to Buy

From brewing beer to making a moonshine still from things you can find in your own kitchen, The Alaskan Bootlegger's Bible offers an easy guide to beginners and old-time home liquor enthusiasts alike. Learn more about how to buy this highly entertaining book by Leon W. Kania.

Our Story

Happy Mountain Publications LLC, a publishing company in Wasilla, Alaska, offers a highly entertaining how-to book that combines experience, humor, and history to explain the process of making all types of alcoholic beverages. The Alaskan Bootlegger's Bible has entertained numerous readers all over the globe, bootlegger or not. The characters, recipes, plans, and instructions found in the book are all real and the war stories come from writer Leon Kania's own memory.

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